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Bob Proctor

Gaby Abdelgadir understands the true meaning of finding inner peace. That doesn’t mean her journey has been easy, nor does it mean that she takes life for granted. Often, we allow the urgent business of life to get in the way of what is really important and as Gaby knows, life can quickly bring us back into understanding through difficult circumstances. I’ve been a serious student of the mind and have spent virtually all of my adult life studying human behavior; why we do the things we do and don’t do some of the things we know will bring us better results. We have deep reservoirs of potential lying dormant within and all we need is the key to unlock it. Grace, Peace, and Balance: Surviving and Thriving Against All Odds is the story of one woman’s journey in her quest for balance. We all want to explore our dreams and live an abundant life but so many are too afraid to do so. Gaby had every excuse to fail. She came from a war-torn part of the world and had experienced more by the time she was a teen than most people experience their whole lives. Still, she was undeterred and set out to make a new life in a country half-way around the world. She is a striking example of what’s possible when you make an irrevocable decision to step out of your comfort zone and go for your dreams.


Through the heartache and struggles, Gaby clung to the knowledge that she had a glorious purpose that as yet had been defined. When we release our fear and choose to live on purpose, rather than by default, we put ourselves in a position to unleash our true potential and create the life we choose. To meet Gaby today and see the joy for life that radiates from her being, you would never guess the trauma she has endured. She is a testament to the strength that we all possess to be a beacon of light in the world. Grace, Peace, and Balance: Surviving and Thriving Against All Odds shows us how to overcome and thrive no matter the circumstances or obstacles that life introduces along the way. Gaby shows each of us how to cling to that which endures in our lives instead of those things we think are important at the time. All of the things we may accumulate in our lifetime…  money, cars, houses and stuff… serve a purpose in our lives and reward us for our hard work and achievement. And though these things make our lives more comfortable and enjoy them, our family, friends, and love are what sustain us through life. This book will help you understand the power and strength each of us has to recreate our lives into something beautiful.