Gaby has been a colleague and friend for over 10 years and we have asked her to speak as a guest speaker for new students and families looking at our business. Gaby has the wonderful gift of being able to share her own life experiences in a way that inspires others to seek out their full potential. Our clientsenjoyed her perspective, stories, and honest advice. We highly recommend her as a speaker and motivator. Thank you, Gaby, for giving us this opportunity to sing your praises.
Doug Sloan
Talent Inc. Canada
Three takeaways.. The benefits of decluttering How to declutter What it brings to your life to make these changes.

A wonderful and insightful workshop on de-cluttering...not just your cupboards but your life, very interesting and eye opening.  I learnt alot about the spaces I live in and what I surround myself with. Everyone should take this workshop and incorporate some if not all of it in their living arrangements.
Allison Harvey
Gaby has a wonderful way of presenting information to a group. I found the Workshop to be very informative and covered a lot in a small amount of time. Her energy is positive and uplifting. I am about to get into her book and can't wait to meet up again soon.
The Magic of Decluttering” was an enlightening workshop. It has changed the way I view my house and the world around me and it was very informative. I am really glad I attended.
After taking Gaby's declutter workshop I had a much more clearer understanding of my space and energy, I went home that same night and implemented what she taught about the importance of my kitchen and entrance to our home. If feels so much lighter and nicer then before thanks to the science behind what Gaby shared my 3 kids and husband follow suit in keeping things clear and decluttered, Thank you Gaby.  I would refer you without hesitation I simply LOVE how you break things down and include the science behind your teachings.]
Tammy Williams
Thank you so much for a fantastic webinar! The Power and Magic of Decluttering - WEBINAR. You were able to squeeze in so much info about a great topic in one hour. I read the Webinar description below and was hooked! Typically, people talk about decluttering physical items in our lives (clothes, furniture ..etc) but you went beyond that to address what I think is the root cause of negative energy in our lives, our internal peace, balance, grace and harmony. if we don't declutter our body/mind, it's only a matter of time before that clutter manifests itself in something negative, even if our house/surroundings are clutter- free.
Terhas Berhane-Rwakaara
Had the opportunity to join Gaby Declutter’s webinar on a condensed version of the importance of decluttering. WOW…I certainly need to make some small but needed changes around the house. The goal is to manifest abundance and have a positive flow of energy from room to room in your house. THANK YOU for the many tips, examples and explanations as to why things should be placed a certain way…Feng Shui. Please if you have not attended it is a MUST…and I will certainly do it again. Thanks Gaby
Angie Bianco
I just took Gaby's Feng Shui course on decluttering your home. It was eye opening all things I didn't know. I'm all about positive and abundant energy and Gaby went over several tips on how to make sure you feel that great energy in every room of your house. I highly recommend you invest the small fee and take Gaby's course, you will be very happy you did.
Paul Forchione
Your workshop has truly shifted and changed my life for the better! I always thought I was the most organized person but looking as the lack of focus in my life, after your workshop I seen I had a lot of work to do. I was highly motivated to start as soon as I got home from the workshop. I took your advice about sorting things into the, “yes, no and maybe” box. That helped me release more than I expected. My tabletops, my alter and my dresser never looked so fresh.  After one long night on shifting things around and getting rid of the things that no longer serves me, I could feel a heavy weight being lifted from my shoulders and my mind. I was able to think clearly and perform like never before in my creative field.  Three things I took from this workshop is, decluttering your space really does clear your mind. Another thing I took was the vibrational Power of essential oils. Lastly, I took the importance of the small little things that impact everything, like the positions of the mirrors, the pictures on the walls and the toilet seat being down and covered.  I’m grateful to have attended your workshop and I know my life will never be the same. And to you I have thanks to give.